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other things that we do..

Logo of BossOfTheBus, the parent company of PDR

Boss Of The Bus

This is the father company of everything, it doesn't yet exist.

It will most likely be an investment company among potentially other things..

It is a long term project.


Subway Bob is our NFT project where we are selling NFTs and telling storys at the same time.

This is a fun project on the side.

Check our collections out! 

Click Me

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Secret Fuse

Secret Fuse is a supplement store currently being worked on.


It will feature supplements for people who want to go the gym, lose weight, enhance performance and much more...


We hope to keep extending its catalog overtime. 




This will be a store where we actually sell our own products with our logo on it. 

Secret Fuse will be one of the many categories of products we hope to sell along with it.


(Secret fuse will feature its own dedicated store but it will be part of this store too)


Downtown Gizmos

This is another one of our affiliation stores, it will exclusively feature gadgets and fun products that serve the purpose of entertaining.

We hope to one day be able to produce our own gadgets and maybe inspire others too.


More services

We hope to make web applications that will answer diffrent problems or provide specific services.

A lot of other projects are in the works and it will be a while before they are completed.

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