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colourful images with things related to arts and craft like crayons, paper paint and other

Nylon strings

Picture Hanging Strips

Thermal Laminating pouches

Assorted Hand Needles

Reusable Cutting Mats..

automotive theme backgroupe with cars.jpg

Slime car cleaner

 Magnetic phone holder

Portable air purifier

Bike Holder for car

Slime digital tire inflator..

outdoor themed background with objects like garden hose, basketball, lawnmower, gardening

Stadium seat for bleachers

Waist pack with water bottle holder

Bue Raquetballs

Golf Rangefinder...

industrial and scientific background with power tools, bolts and other scientific and indu

Rubber glue

Screwdriver bit set

Drill bit set

2-port displayport

Motor connector kit...

gadget background with fidget toys like fidget spinner and other things.jpg

USB portable mini fan

Fidget Pen

Tangle Toy

Fidget Ring

Fidget Cube..

gaming background with controllers headphnes keyboards and other gaming related things.jpg






Paintball related background with paintball guns, splash of colours and a couple paintball

Valken Paintballs

Tippmann Stormer Elite

Empire Paintball Gun

Ball Hauler


fun stuff background with cool ascesories and other things considered fun.jpg

RC car

Coming soon..

home related backgroud with posters, couches , brooms and other house related things.jpg

Mesuring tape for body

Stackable egg container

Wall smoothing kit

Indoor Smart Security Camera..

kitchen related things, like tupperware, cleaning products among other kitchen relaated th

Wood floor polish

Mini digital thermometer

Vintage poster kits

Baking pan set...

health related things, cleaning products and medicine.jpg

Smart Scale

Flushable wipes

Fitness Mini Stepper

First Aid Kit...



Nylon Thread

              24.95$ 4.6

Diffrent colour Nylon Strings for your different sewing needs

bleacher stadium chair.jpg

Stadium seat for bleachers

46.95$ 4.7

Confortable and steady statium seat for bleachers

Waist pack with water bottle holder

29.99$ 4.1

Practical waist pack with a water bottle holder, to keep you hydrated but also ready

Rubber glue (20g)

9.99$ 4.3

Glue made specifically to glue together rubber, plastic metal, all of sorts of things.

It even comes with precision tips!

Mesuring tape for body.jpg

Measuring tape for body 

3.99$ 4.8

Mesuring tape that you can use to mesure any body parts circumference for up to 60 inches!

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